Little girl’s first pet dog To commemorate my pet

My father ¬†gave me a little spoon, and then I kept going, I gave him a name called Bobby, and then when he came here, he was fat and naked, after a long time, I was particularly mad, he was drinking, and he drank a glass of wine, and he had a glass of wine, and then he went to lick it…
I’m going to school. He’s gonna follow me downstairs, he was so happy that he had to spend more than a semester, Em… Then I came back from school. I didn’t see him, my mother told me to be raised in my hometown…
I couldn’t cry, and then every time I gave my grandmother da dianyuansu hua, my grandmother will put her phone on his ear. I’ll call him.
Later in the summer holidays, he also learned to see strangers bark… I went back and he saw that I didn’t recognize it, it was called, Bobby, and he was so happy he was happy to get out…
And then I fell and cried, and I kissed him there, he played with me, and then my tears fell to the ground, and he went to smell it, jiu bu, next to me, Mohinder.
In the back… Alas… There are many people in the country, Bobby… Yeah.
Then listen to my grandmother, when he came back, my grandmother looked at him, but I couldn’t hold him, and jiu bu knew where to run…
And then is night I had a dream about him, I had a dream to play with him (I had no idea what happened to him) it happened that week, and when I came back to my hometown, I knew it, and then it just happened to me that he was the only one.
After two or three star qi ba, I dreamt of him, dreaming about him, then wo he ta was in the yard, and he froze… And I wore gray clothes, and I told my grandmother, my grandma said it might be him.
The last time I dreamed that he was playing with me, but he’s very stable… (Forgive me if I use the word zhei ge, That’s what bu xiang always does with me, he looked at me next to me) and then he left, there’s a corner of the corner. I don’t know what to do.

My pet dog funny story

My family keeps a stupid dog, because it is large and slow in action, so I named it “stupid”. Clumsy is not a very valuable dog, but it is very powerful. Because the clumsy and stupid dog has a very good atmosphere at home. Friends say that I am more stupid to them than they are, and there is a way to do it.

Clumsy really changed my life and brought me a lot of happiness. The biggest advantage of it is that the mind has been greatly satisfied. Ha ha, every day when I go home, it will first rush up to me, so I feel it is needed. This kind of feeling is not easy to describe. Only those who really have a dog can experience this pleasure.

There is a good place for clumsy, that is, it will never dislike the food I cooked. Ha ha, no matter whether I tried it as a guinea pig or a vegetable, it always failed to win. (clumsy: “master, how dare you say, Khan!) If the dishes are not well done, others may pick a few words, but the clumsy fool will not. Every time they eat all the dishes I cooked, they feel very satisfied.

Of course, the benefits of raising dogs are certainly not just their needs. They still grow out. I always think animals are spiritual. They don’t speak, but they can listen. When I am upset and unhappy, I can tell it that it will be next to me. Oh, there is also, ah, when winter comes, I am especially afraid of cold. At this time, the benefits of clumsy are reflected – warm quilt, ha ha.

Some people say that pets can not only make people more loving, but also make people happier and reduce mental stress. Pets are more willing to work together with pets, virtually exercising their body and improving their heart function. Raising pets, the immune system is more powerful, can easily cope with minor ailments, minor disasters, fewer sick days, less classes. For people with psychological trauma, pets will become their good friends. Together with pets, they can help them get out of the psychological shadow. I agree with my hands completely, because stupid will bring me a lot of benefits, such as strong body, no love before, and so on.

With so much ado about it, I found out that clumsy stupor has become an integral part of my life. If anyone who sees this article can feel the joy of my clumsy fool, don’t envy him. Hurry up and raise a pet dog that belongs to you.